Our Plans for 2022

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After demonstrating the potential for substantial impact in its first nine months of existence, SI enters the final stage of its startup period. 2022 marks the beginning of an extended organizational focus on leveraging the windows of opportunity provided by the UN SG’s “Our Common Agenda” (OCA).

Through its embeddedness in the operational and diplomatic hub of international affairs - Geneva - and its focus on information-processing support - instead of information supply - SI ensures that its work is maximally relevant to global governance. The OCA provides uniquely fertile ground for the advancement of its goals and will frame the upcoming review of the UN’s impactful 2030 Agenda. Thus, SI is in the unique position to have a shot at boosting global catastrophic risk governance internationally for years to come.

SI works to improve civilizational resilience by promoting a better understanding of important technological developments, improving the management of uncertainties, and consideration of future generations in multilateral processes. To achieve its aims, SI focuses on improving the science-policy interface to overcome global catastrophic risks stemming from the most pressing challenge of our time: technological progress outpacing our collective wisdom.

To finish its startup phase, SI will use the coming year to further specialize in translating between international and academic institutions that can contribute to the mitigation of threats to the future of humanity. It will do so in particular by:

  • Fostering academic engagement with the processes of “Our Common Agenda”;
  • Supporting the Swiss government in its efforts to improve international risk governance;
  • Testing messages, tools, and events to support policymakers and researchers in their interaction;
  • Developing the theoretical underpinnings of long-term governance; and
  • Establishing sustainable internal systems to scale its operations.

To continue operating beyond 2022, SI will need to fundraise at least CHF 500,000. A smooth operation through 2023 would be guaranteed with CHF 990,000. In the ideal case, SI receives about CHF 1,500,000 to maximize its impact while growing sustainably. The minimum scenario allows the founders to shift their undivided attention to SI, 1m employs an extra 2 employees, and 1.5m allows to grow to 7 employees by the end of the year. All scenarios include a 2-year planning horizon to allow mid-term planning.

SI has a large backlog of impactful projects. We see room for growth but also room for the development of new organizations that would function synergistically with SI and other organizations in its network. Once sufficient funding is secured, the main challenge will be to find the right people. SI tackles this talent shortage through the development of its Longterm Governance Network and potential future internship programs, for which there is high demand.

Check out our full plan here. Please, do comment and inquire wherever it occurs to you. We appreciate feedback!