Looking forward, we suggest avenues for further reflection and experimentation to achieve longterm governance. First, we sketch approaches to building the field of longterm governance. While currently, we take a behavioural and social lens on understanding policy-making, future research may take a legal, narrative or computational lens, which can result in further contributions. We highlight the need to build capacity at the science-policy interface. As most vocal proponents of longtermism are academics, there is a need for actors who convert reflections and findings into policy change. Second, we articulate four key research avenues to further our understanding of policy-making. We include an evaluation of the impact of short-term policy-making on the long-term future; the evolution of social narratives; the mechanisms that drive policy-making; and the identification of robust leverage points for long-term policy change. Third, we provide recommendations for engaging in and improving policy-making, including trade-offs, risks, and a set of safe and experimental strategies.