To build a strong community of practice in long-term governance, we invite policy actors to join our network.

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Are you a policymaker?

Embed concern for future generations into your work by connecting with other policymakers and leading scholars in the fields of decision-making, global catastrophic risks and Longtermism to exchange best practices and stay up to date.

Are you a researcher?

Make your research maximally policy-relevant by connecting with decision-makers and potential collaborators.


  • We organize themed biannual retreats for in-depth exchange.
  • We maintain a chat platform for asynchronous discussions.
  • We match you with other members based on your interests and needs.


We use Zulip for communication. It's like Slack but with proper threading - a great mix between a chat and a forum that won't flood your email inbox. You can join streams for topical discussions, share updates, job postings and more. You can also have private chats - one-on-one or in groups.

Once we have confirmed your sign-up, you will be able to log into via your browser or the app for your phone.

New to Zulip?

Here's the user guide. You can:

  • Join and create new streams (there’s a cog next to “Streams” in the left panel, if clicked, a tab in the pop-up window shows “All streams”, as well as a “+” to create new ones)
  • “Star” (favourite) entire streams to see at the top of your list
  • Flag (“star” again) single messages to save them/respond later
  • Silence single topics or entire streams if you need a break
  • Get email notifications for particular people, topics or streams

Introduce yourself to make it easier to get a feel for who’s who.

Tip: use emoticons as reactions - that way others get feedback even if you don't write a comment.