Long-term Governance is a young field with much room for growth. Policymakers and researchers often lack opportunities for focused and productive exchange. Our aim is to curate a community that is united in the aim to research and implement ways to safeguard the lives and freedom of future generations. We increase bandwidth between actors of different backgrounds but with shared goals through targeted outreach, a chat server, resource repositories and themed retreats.


To build a strong community of practice in long-term governance, we invite policymakers and researchers to join our network.

If you could be a great addition, fill out this form and we'll be in touch.


Are you a policymaker?

Embed concern for future generations into your work by connecting with other policymakers and leading scholars in the fields of decision-making, global catastrophic risks and Longtermism to exchange best practices and stay up to date.

Are you a researcher?

Make your research maximally policy-relevant by connecting with decision-makers and potential collaborators.


  • We organize themed biannual retreats for in-depth exchange.
  • We maintain a chat platform for asynchronous discussions.
  • We match you with other members based on your interests and needs.


We use Zulip for communication. It's like Slack but with proper threading - a great mix between a chat and a forum that won't flood your email inbox. You can join streams for topical discussions, share updates, job postings and more. You can also have private chats - one-on-one or in groups.

Once we have confirmed your sign-up, you will be able to log into via your browser or the app for your phone.


We document our thinking, learning, and resources. Head over to our blog to discover more.